Training of PhD and Masters students

DIME Structural Activity Line: Integrating and Developing Training Activities Associated with DIME
coordinator: Patrick Llerena, Beta

Training is critical for a network like DIME, because it is the best way to develop specific research capabilities in a field that is both complex and interdisciplinary. It is also an essential mechanism for raising awareness of both academics and stakeholders to the issues raised by a dynamic and institutional approach to economic and social questions. Finally, it is the best tool for furthering gender equality by encouraging female students.

In it's current phase, DIME is most active in training at the PhD student level. The network contributes financially and in terms of content (teachers and students from the DIME institutions) to the following activities:

DIME is also busy developing other training activities. This includes integrating Masters programmes at the DIME member institutes, extending its PhD training activities by shorter courses and training sessions, and experimenting with distance learning. More news will be available here when new activities unfold.