Funding and reporting procedures

After one year of existence, the Governing Board agreed to adopt a common format for applying for specific activities within the various RALs and SALs and for reporting, both on the content and the funding. The use of the documents provided on this site will be a great help to both coordinators and central management. The power point presentation (which was given by the general coordinator at the GB meeting in Cambridge) provides some explanations to users.

Practice has also shown that the requests for transfers of funds have been sometimes difficult to follow up centrally, hence the provision of a specific form. with detailed information to be provided on which partners get which amount of the total - accepted - budget.

The refund form is to be used for claiming refund of travel expenses from the central budget following approval of the procedure by an activity coordinator. Use of this properly filled form will help the central management to identify the activity concerned, the details of the claimed expenses (with the appropriate evidence) and the bank account on which the refund is to be made.

With your help and the use of these forms, we hope to be able to improve efficiency and prepare for a smooth reporting process.